Mar. 28, 2023 Best Uses for Engineered Wood Fiber

As a natural surfacing option made from raw material, there are many uses for engineered wood fiber from playground surfacing to equestrian footing.

Engineered wood fiber combines the best of the natural world with the advancement of modern technology. This processed wood mulch is far superior to its counterpart, natural mulch. Engineered wood fiber is manufactured from natural raw wood that contains differing particle sizes to create a surface designed to absorb impact and cushion falls.

At Fibar, we are proud of the fact that our engineered wood fiber is created entirely from virgin wood fiber, which allows you to offer a safe, enjoyable experience to everyone in your community.

Benefits of Engineered Wood Fiber

Engineered wood fiber is quickly becoming the surfacing material of choice for builders and developers. Whether you are planning to design a small, elementary school playground or you are developing a full-scale equestrian arena, you will quickly find that Fibar, engineered wood fiber, is the best wood mulch available.

Safety Benefits

When it comes to selecting a surfacing material, safety is often the top priority — and for good reason. The people and animals who are utilizing these spaces are often at risk of falling and injuring themselves, so it's important to select a surfacing material that will reduce the impact of those falls.

Engineered wood fiber is known for its shock absorption, which significantly reduces the risk of injuries from falls. In addition, it is designed to allow those in wheelchairs to easily traverse the surface, making it an inclusive choice as well.

It is regularly tested to adhere to all safety regulations and guidelines, giving you the confidence you need to know that your space will be a safe, enjoyable place for all.

Environmental Benefits

Beyond the safety of your surfacing material, you also are likely going to be considering the environmental impact of your choice. Many designers are finding that natural surfacing materials, such as playground wood mulch, are a better, more sustainable option. Surfacing made from natural materials, such as engineered wood fiber, are an eco-friendly option because this material does not pollute the area surrounding your playground. Beyond that, the natural wood fiber absorbs rain water and promotes drainage.

Economic Benefits

Of course, cost will factor into your final decision as you select playground wood mulch for your project. Engineered wood fiber is one of the most cost-effective surfacing materials available. Not only is it more affordable to purchase than other surfacing materials, but it requires less maintenance over its lifespan. By choosing an economical surfacing material, you can reallocate more of your budget toward investing in new and exciting equipment for your project.

Best Uses for Engineered Wood Fiber

As a natural surfacing option made from raw material, there are many uses for engineered wood fiber. These are some of the most common uses for engineered wood fiber today:

Playground Surfacing

Engineered wood fiber is an ideal playground surfacing material. Many playground designers will opt for engineered wood fiber because it provides a natural, bright look for their playground, allowing it to look great no matter what the climate is in their area or how their playground will be used. It is considered to be a top option for playground surfacing because:

  • Engineered wood fiber is known for its ability to absorb the shock of falls, making it one of the safest options for playgrounds. Children who are using playground equipment are prone to falling and injuring themselves, so opting for a shock absorbing material will reduce those risks significantly.
  • Engineered wood fiber is a sustainable surfacing material, crafted entirely from raw wood fiber. It boasts a low carbon footprint, which appeals to those who are looking to create an inviting and eco-friendly playground.
  • Engineered wood fiber is an affordable surfacing solution. Not only does it offer low initial costs, but it also requires minimal maintenance over its lifespan.

Equestrian Arena Surfacing

Many equestrians and stable managers have found that the best equestrian arena surfacing option for their needs is engineered wood fiber. This all-natural surfacing material is best for these unique facilities because:

  • Engineered wood fiber has natural, shock-absorbing features, which is particularly important for the horses who will be working in the arenas on a regular basis. A surfacing material that can better absorb shock will protect the horses from injury, and allow them to perform better over the course of their lifespan.
  • Engineered wood fiber also drains efficiently and effectively, which is critical in an equestrian arena. A muddy, damp or wet arena might cause complications for the horses, so it's imperative to put a well-draining surfacing material in place.

    Dog Parks

    Many communities are adding dog parks to allow dogs to exercise and play off-leash.  Engineered wood fiber is a great surfacing choice for dog parks because:

  • Engineered wood fiber helps reduce mud puddles, craters, dust and dirt in your dog park.
  • Engineered wood fiber has interlocking fibers that mat down and help resist movement while absorbing impact and eliminating splinters.

Landscaping and Gardening

Engineered wood fiber is commonly thought of as a surfacing material for specialized spaces, such as playgrounds or equestrian arenas. However, it also is an excellent choice for landscaping and gardening. You should consider engineered wood fiber for your next landscaping project because:

  • Engineered wood fiber is made entirely of natural wood fibers. The fibrous nature of this surfacing material provides your garden bed with the protection it needs without polluting the area with unwanted materials. Other wood mulch products, for instance, may have been created from used wood and could contain material that is dangerous for the plants in your garden bed or landscaping.
  • Engineered wood fiber drains well, which will prevent water from building up or pooling in your landscaped area. It will offer natural hydration to your plants, allowing your shrubs, trees, flowers and vegetables to thrive.
  • Engineered wood fiber looks great, and offers the perfect complement to any landscaped area. If you are looking for a natural touch of beauty in your yard, then this is the best surfacing material for your landscaping.

Installation and Maintenance of Engineered Wood Fiber

By working with the premier manufacturers of engineered wood fiber, you can ensure that your surfacing material is installed and maintained correctly.

Preparing for Installation

Before your engineered wood fiber is installed, you will want to make sure that the surface area is properly graded and level. Take the time needed to remove all weeds, roots and any vegetation from the space and install a proper subbase so that the engineered wood fiber can easily be installed and spread.

Installing Engineered Wood Fiber

Most professionals use a front-end loader to deposit and spread engineered wood fiber over the desired surface. Once the material has been installed and spread, you will want to rake it so that it is smooth and level.

Engineered Wood Fiber Maintenance Tips

  • Regularly search for debris in the area where engineered wood fiber has been installed, and promptly remove any debris that is found.
  • Take the time to rake high-traffic areas, such as entrances to the equestrian arena or underneath the swings on a playground. To combat the constant need for maintaining playground areas, we suggest investing in wear mats for high-use areas. Rubber wear mats help to maintain surface levels and reduces the need for continuous maintenance.
  • Schedule top-offs when needed. Typically, most surfaces that rely on engineered wood fiber will need to be topped off every 3 years.

Buy Engineered Wood Fiber

If you are searching for a wood mulch that is affordable, safe and effective, then engineered wood fiber from Fibar is the best option for your project. Created from 100 percent virgin wood fiber, Fibar Engineered Wood Fiber is the highest-quality wood mulch on the market.

Contact Fibar, and receive your customized playground surfacing estimate today.

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