Poured In Place Rubber Surfacing

colorful poured in place surfacing used on a city playground

Design Your Ideal Playful, Inclusive and Accessible Space

Create a surface tailored to your design and play goals. Poured rubber surfaces allow for patterns, logos, mascots, and other designs and help make your play area unique. Fibar offers Flexground™ Poured in Place Rubber Surfacing - an industry leader in playground surfaces.  Contact us now for more details.

colorful poured in place surfacing underneath a large playground

Poured Rubber Looks Good!

  • Designs are unlimited, use your imagination
  • Promote play and imagination with embedded games and designs
  • Create signature destinations with themes and bright colors
poured in place rubber surfacing used at a park

It Feels Good!

  • Helps to cushion falls and reduce injuries
  • Complies with Federal CPSC* guidelines
  • Unitary surfacing complies with ADA* requirements
  • IPEMA* certified for safety
aerial shot of poured in place surfacing used on a playground

PIP Will Stay Good!

  • ASTM* tested for more tear and tensile durability
  • Limited warranty and product liability insurance

*Consumer Product Safety Commission, Americans with Disabilities Act, American Society for Testing and Materials, International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association

Stays Good

Flexground from Fibar lets you mix & match colors to create your own unique play design.

Create your dream playful destination using our wide range of EPDM or TPV rubber granule colors.  

PIP Maintenance

Poured Rubber will outlast most surfaces if properly maintained. This includes routine cleaning and coating applications every 18-24 months. It's also important to repair small holes and cracks as soon as they become apparent. We can help with long-term maintenance and short term repairs as well.  

PIP Blue and Yellow wiht Kids Retouched Resized

Poured in place rubber surfacing offers an accessible path for all to play together.  We at Fibar understand the value of play and the benefits of community interactions.  We believe all people - young and old - should have access to play no matter their ability.  

CAD Details

All Specifications and Product Details Available on CAD Details.

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