ADA Wheelchair Access Ramps


ADA Wheelchair Access Ramps

Fibar's ADA Wheelchair Access Ramp is the perfect solution for ensuring accessibility for everyone on the playground.

Crafted from tough, high-density polyethylene, this ramp is built to last and won't fade, splinter, or crack, providing long-lasting use and peace of mind. With ADA compliance for mobility devices and a width that accommodates even motorized wheelchairs, this ramp is the easiest way to ensure inclusivity on the playground.


Inclusive playground design fosters community & acceptance

By installing our ADA Wheelchair Access Ramp on the playground, you're ensuring all children can enjoy the benefits of outdoor play and social interaction.

Please note that the ADA Wheelchair Access Ramp is designed for use with FibarGuard Black Borders only. By combining these two products, you can create a safe and accessible playground that can be enjoyed by everyone. With the ADA Wheelchair Access Ramp, accessibility is no longer a concern, and everyone can enjoy the benefits of outdoor play.

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