EWF Installation

Best practices and guidelines for installing EWF surfaces

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General Instructions (please refer to the system specific instructions for more details about your installation)

  • In accordance with standard design and construction practices, The Fibar Group, LLC and its Representatives recommend using the services of a certified engineer, architect, or landscape architect who is familiar with local soil and climate conditions to evaluate and interpret any information provided by The Fibar Group, LLC and its Representatives.
  • The area should be well compacted and accurately graded, especially in areas where additional fill has been brought in. It is not recommended that Fibar Engineered Wood Fiber be installed on a grade greater than 10%. All roots, stones, and vegetation must be removed.
  • Spread Fibar Engineered Wood Fiber, using a Bobcat or a small front-end loader. Operator should be careful not turn sharply on the Fibar. It will also be necessary to use hand labor to spread. 
  • To speed up the natural compaction process, once drainage is installed, install the Fibar in layers, 5" at a time. Rake, level and we recommend wetting the surface before com­pacting with a mechanical compactor after each layer is installed. Change direction 90 degrees between each layer. Repeat these steps until the desired surface thick­ness is achieved.

  • Install all the material delivered. The Fibar will be several inches above grade or border until it compacts.

  • Hand-rake for a smooth, finished surface
  • After two weeks of active use, surface should be raked again.
  • CPSC and ASTM Recommended Use Zones.
    • Use Zone of at least 6 feet must surround all equipment with the exception of:
      • Swings - Use Zone equal to 2 times the height of the top rail is needed in front of swings and 2 times behind swings.
      • Slides. A Use Zone equal to the height of the slide up to 8 feet, extending a minimum of 6 feet, is needed in front of slide exits.


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