FibarSystem 200

For Heavy Rainfall Areas.

FibarSystem200 Whats Included

FibarSystem 200

The patented system is composed of Fibar® Engineered Wood Fiber, two layers of FibarFelt geotextile fabric, with owner-supplied drainage stone and PVC pipe for french drain. No other recreational surfacing provides a better combination of safety, accessibility, 20-year warranty and ease of installation at a comparable cost.

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FibarSystem 200 comes with a 20-year warranty.

This system features FibarFelt geotextile fabric and is the next step up from the System 100 in our surfacing offer.  

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Benefits Why FibarSystem 200

  • Designed to work well in rainy climates
  • Features geotextile fabric over owner supplied drainage stone and pipe for french drain
  • 20-year Warranty with proper installation
  • Meets accessibility standards
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