Poured Rubber Resources

Proper maintenance and upkeep to your poured rubber surface is paramount to the longevity of the playful safety surface.  The document below will provide direction on how to prolong the life of your poured rubber surface.

Poured rubber surfaces may have extra wear in places where children play more - under swings, at slide endings, in traffic routes around your playground.  Sometimes, these smaller holes can be repaired using our PIP repair kit.  Small repairs can prevent larger replacements and prolong the compliance of a poured rubber surface.  

Ideas for your next project

Project Showcase

Apollo Park
Apollo Park, Alsip, Illinois

Beautiful top view of a poured rubber installation featuring functional play design for added value

Franklin ES Syracuse NY
Franklin Elementary School, Syracuse, New York

Engineered Wood Fibar helps create a natural look for this space.

Glen Acres
Glen Acres, Lafayette, Indiana

Poured Rubber Surfacing for playground built for ages 2-5 years


Heritage Victoria Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Heritage Victoria Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Heritage Victoria Park chose Engineered Wood Fiber, which is an accessible surface option, as their play space surface.

"KABOOM! is grateful for our longstanding partnership with Fibar! Fibar shares our values of ensuring that all kids have access to play. They are consistently supportive and responsive in making sure that the safety surfacing they provide arrives on time. Their support of our mission is appreciated and evident in the care they take to deliver quality surfacing and customer service."

Kathryn Lusk

"Rosalynn and I are grateful to Fibar Corporation for providing accessible ground cover for the playground in Plains..."

Former President Jimmy Carter

"...The delivery of the Fibar was flawless, and that I know in large part was due to you, your excellent organization and follow through..."

Sonia Blue, Walking Shield American Indian Society

"Congratulations! The Fibar System exceeds all of our stringent expectations. I’m convinced that this system gives us the optimum measure of playground surface safety."

Bob Burnett, Highlands School 
Edina, MN

"Moms with strollers can just zoom across [the Fibar surface], and it’s accessible to children in wheelchairs."

Christine Russell, Winner of United Cerebral Palsy’s Accessible Design Award/playground
Colorado Springs, CO