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FibarSystems | Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly is Fibar®?
It is Engineered Wood Fiber, a manufactured wood product of differing particle sizes, suitable for playground surfacing that passes the ASTM F2075 Engineered Wood Fiber Standard.

2. Why not just install wood chips?
The U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) has determined that wood chips are not considered an accessible playground surface.

3. Why spend more for a Fibar System?
A Fibar System has the following unique benefits:  25-year warranty (300 System) and $6,000,000 Product Liability Insurance.  Fibar is successful because it includes a patented drainage system that is specially designed for playgrounds.  (The DOI says that good drainage is essential!)

4. How long does Fibar® last?
Fibar System 300 is guaranteed to perform for 25 years, provided the depth is maintained by occasional top-offs.  Fibar does not decompose as mulch does.

5. How do I know that the Fibar® Systems meet safety standards?
Engineered Wood Fiber has been rigorously tested in accordance with ASTM F1292 impact tests, ASTM F2075 for purity and quality, and ASTM F1951 for accessibility.  Fibar meets or exceeds ASTM Standards and CPSC guidelines, and is IPEMA Certified.

6. Is Fibar® accessible?
Fibar Systems have been extensively tested and meet the specifications of the ASTM
F 1951 Standard for Accessibility according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The DOI has ruled that wood fiber surfaces are accessible, provided there is proper drainage, are installed correctly, and appropriately maintained. (Copy of DOI letter available on request.)

7. Has burning been a problem?
No, burning has not been a problem.  Flammability test results are available on request.

8. What if broken glass falls on the Fibar surface?
Broken glass and debris typically stay on top of Engineered Wood Fiber and are easily removed by raking.

9. Is Fibar treated?
Fibar is not chemically treated and is totally natural.

10. What contains the Engineered
Wood Fiber?

You can border EWF with playground borders or landscape timbers for an above ground installation or excavate to have the play area flush with the surrounding land.



Boy on swing.


11. Aren't insects a problem
with wood?

No.  Fibar Systems are manufactured products with thousands of installations nationwide.  Insects have not been a problem.


12. How is Fibar® maintained?
Occasional raking, as usage dictates, is all that is necessary to keep the play area in good condition.  According to usage, the area will need to be topped off periodically.  Active playgrounds are usually topped off every three years.


13. What about splinters?
Dr. Voigt Hodgson, (who conducted the impact attenuation testing) of the Neurology Department of Wayne State University, said: “No slivers were noted to occur personally or to an assistant despite extensive handling of the (Engineered Wood) fibers.”


14. What if children eat it?
Fibar is an all-natural wood product and not chemically treated in any way.


15. Why do I need FibarMats?
They protect the surfacing in hard-use areas such as under swings, at slide exits, and sliding poles.  Mats placed in hard-use areas help to ensure compliance with Federal Accessibility Law of March 2012.


16. Have Fibar Systems been used in inner-city areas?
Yes.  Engineered Wood Fiber has been used extensively in major cities across the U.S.





Get a price quote now! Contact the experts in Playground Safety Surfaces today!

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