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FibarMat Wear Mats Designed with a beveled edge on all four sides for accessibility, these black rubber mats provide extra protection in hard-use areas such as under swings and at slide exits. To prevent displacement of the Fibar in high-use areas and reduce maintenance, FibarMat wear mats must be installed under all swings, tire swings, slide exits, and all other wear areas including sliding poles. These will help to ensure compliance with the Federal Accessibility Law of March 15, 2012.

PLEASE NOTE: In accordance with standard design and construction practices, The Fibar Group, LLC and its Representatives recommend using the services of a certified engineer, architect, or landscape architect who is familiar with local soil and climate conditions to evaluate and interpret any information provided by The Fibar Group, LLC and its Representatives. The Fibar Group, LLC assumes no responsibility for determining the size of the playground or the Use Zone between the equipment and the border.  Installer must thoroughly examine the site and specifications, carefully checking the dimensions before starting work. All instructions are subject to equipment manufacturers’ installation specifications. Read Fibar® Bulk Engineered Wood Fiber Installation and Maintenance Instructions, all available from The Fibar Group, LLC  800-342-2721 or  914-273-8770 or your local Representative.


  1. The area should be well compacted and accurately graded, especially in areas where additional fill has been brought in.  It is not recommended that Fibar Engineered Wood Fiber be installed on a grade greater than 10%.  All roots, stones, and vegetation must be removed.
  2. Install playground equipment.
  3. IMPORTANT:  With an indelible marker, mark off all the legs of the equipment with the compacted design depth.
  4. Spread Fibar Engineered Wood Fiber, using a Bobcat or a small front-end loader.  Operator should be careful to not turn sharply on the Fibar.  It will also be necessary to use hand labor to spread.  To allow for natural compaction, we supply additional material.  Important:  Install all the material delivered.  The Fibar will be several inches above grade or border until it compacts. Feather the edges to make a smooth transition to existing grade or border. OPTIONAL: To speed up the natural compaction process, once drainage is installed, install the Fibar in layers, 4” at a time.  Rake, level and wet the surface before compacting with a mechanical compactor after each layer is installed.  Change direction 90 degrees between each layer.  Repeat these steps until the desired surface thickness is achieved.
  5. Hand-rake for a smooth & level finished surface. Natural compaction will occur over time and is dependent on the amount of playground use and environmental conditions.

    To accelerate the compaction process, Fibar Engineered Wood Fiber can be mechanically compacted at an additional cost. The Fibar can be compacted in the accessible route to the equipment or the entire surface area. To mechanically compact the Fibar, install in 5 inch lifts using a plate compactor or other mechanical device. Change direction 90 degrees between each layer. Optional: Wet the surface before compacting. Repeat these steps until the desired level finished thickness is achieved. This accelerated compaction method, without wetting the surface, was used in the laboratory for the ASTM F1951 test procedure.
  6. Install FibarMat wear mats on top of the Engineered Wood Fiber.  To help ensure compliance with 2012 ADA Federal Law for accessibility, FibarMat wear mats should be installed under all swings, tire swings, and at slide exits.  They should also be installed at other heavy-use areas such sliding poles.  FibarMat wear mats are available through your local Fibar Representative.
  7. After 2 weeks, surface should be raked and leveled. Continue to rake the surface level as needed.
  8. CPSC and ASTM Recommended Use Zones. A Use Zone of at least 6 feet must surround all equipment with the exception of: a.  Swings.  A Use Zone equal to 2 times the height of the top rail is needed in front of swings and 2 times behind swings. b.  Slides.  A Use Zone equal to the height of the slide up to 8 feet, extending a minimum of 6 feet, is needed in front of slide exits. For complete information on Use Zones, contact CPSC and ASTM or contact your local Fibar Representative.
  9. See Fibar Bulk Engineered Wood Fiber Maintenance Instructions for requirements with respect to inspections, raking, top-off, and other maintenance advice.

Compliance with 2012 ADA Federal Law To help ensure compliance with 2012 ADA Federal Law for accessibility, FibarMat wear mats should be installed under all swings, tire swings, and at slide exits.


Incorrect installation or maintenance. Failure to install all the materials delivered, failure to maintain the depth of the Fibar Engineered Wood Fiber at the original design depth, failure to use FibarMat wear mats at slide exits, under all swings and tire swings (except enclosed or tot
swings), other wear areas (a wear area is any area in the playground where the surface depth falls below the original design depth for the playground surface), use of the Fibar System and/or materials with others not provided by The Fibar Group, LLC, abnormal use, lack of proper maintenance, or vandalism can result in serious injury or death. Be aware that no playground surface can prevent all accidents or injuries.


Winter Conditions. Should there be moisture retention in the Fibar Engineered Wood Fiber, it will freeze when the temperature drops below the freezing mark. Please check your surface frequently in winter weather. When the surface is frozen, the impact attenuation properties of Fibar are lost and for this reason, the play area should not be used.


Reread the Installation and Maintenance Instructions periodically. If at any time you are concerned about the surface and its performance, please contact us at 1-800-342-2721 or
(914) 273-8770.

FIBAR® BULK ENGINEERED WOOD FIBER SPECIFICATIONS, INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS. © 2013 The Fibar Group, LLC The Fibar Group, LLC; 80 Business Park Drive, Suite 300, Armonk, NY 10504-1705 800-342-2721  914-273-8770 Fax 914-273-8659
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IPEMA Certified logos - F1292 &  F2075
IPEMA CERTIFIED �In the interest of public playground safety, the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) provides a Third-Party Certification service whereby an independent laboratory, T�V S�D America Inc. validates a manufacturer�s certification of conformance to ASTM F 1292, Standard Specification for Impact Attenuation Under and Around Playground Equipment and ASTM F 2075, Standard Specification for Engineered Wood Fiber for Use as a Playground Safety Surface Under and Around Playground Equipment. The use of the IPEMA Playground Surfacing Certification Seals signify that Fibar Systems have received written validation from T�V S�D America Inc. that a specified thickness of the product associated with the seal conforms with the requirements of ASTM F 1292 at a specified critical fall height and with the requirements of ASTM F 2075 for engineered wood fiber quality and purity, and has certified that the associated product is made with the same materials and in the same manner as the original representative product sample as validated by T�V. A list of current validated products may be viewed at


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