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Frequently Asked Questions


What does Fibar cost?
From as little as 25¢ a square foot for most indoor applications, 35¢ per square foot for an outdoor arena, and up to $1.00 per square foot for tracks and gallops. This price includes all the Fibar materials delivered to your site, plus expert advice based on our experience of installing riding and training surfaces that WORK! It does not include the cost of labor to install the Fibar, excavation or a stone subsurface, since these are best obtained locally at competitive prices.

What exactly is Fibar?
Fibar is a unique blend of processed wood fibers. The wood fibers knit together forming a firm and stable surface, yet providing great cushioning properties. Fibar is not wood chips and contains virtually no bark.

What is an All Weather Riding Surface?
Fibar uses an integrated drainage system under the entire arena or track. No matter how severe the rainstorm, the riding surface will be totally unaffected. In fact, many customers say the more rain it gets, the better the Fibar surface.

Does Fibar get dusty?
Indoor arenas surfaced in Fibar should be watered as conditions dictate. Fibar requires far less watering than any other indoor materials. See Maintenance. Outdoors, most arenas never require watering. Tracks that get a lot of use find watering helps keep the track “tight.”

Does Fibar freeze?
Under prolonged sub-zero conditions, Fibar will freeze, but much later than sand and other conventional surfaces. It also thaws much more quickly, and there is none of the undesirable mud typical of dirt arenas. Snow can be plowed off a Fibar arena, and salt can be worked into the surface to prolong winter use.

How long does Fibar last?
This is a difficult question to answer because each installation is subject to different amounts of usage. As a rule of thumb, arenas and tracks will need a top-off after the first three years, and thereafter a top-off every two or three. Fibar does not rot, but is broken down mechanically by the pounding of the horses’ hooves. Lightly used private arenas and tracks can last longer between top-offs.

Is Fibar treated with any chemicals?
Absolutely not! Fibar is manufactured from specially selected woods that exhibit unique fibrous qualities. Due to the drainage design, the wood fibers never become waterlogged.

How is Fibar installed at my facility?
Fibar provides simple guidelines to be given to a local contractor. Indoor arenas and breeding sheds are generally installed in just a few hours. See Indoor Installation and Breeding Shed Installation. Outdoor arenas take from two to five days, depending on preliminary site work needed. See Outdoor Installation. Tracks’ and gallops’ installation time will depend on their size. See Track & Gallops Installation.

What do you mean “low maintenance”?
Apart from the watering already mentioned, Fibar needs only the simplest and least expensive equipment to keep it perfectly manicured. See Maintenance

How is Fibar delivered?
Fibar EWF is delivered in oversized (60 ft. long) trailer trucks. Be sure you have the necessary access for these large trucks before you order. Click here for details.

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