Fibar Bulk

Fibar System 100

Bulk Fibar for Playgrounds

Fibar Wood Fiber can be purchased in bulk to help maintain a compliant play and recreational surface.  Follow the link to get a quote and we will contact you with details to order bulk product.  

Blow In Installation

Top-Offs & Blow-In Installation

To minimize serious injuries from falls on your playground, it is essential that your Fibar playground surface be topped off periodically. Topping off your FibarSystems play surface provides children with the protection they deserve, and it protects your investment in safe play. Maintaining the correct surface depth is an essential condition.

Now you can have your Fibar Top-Off delivered and installed by one of our Express Blower Trucks—we call it FibarQuick.

Superior Raw Material

Fibar® Engineered Wood Fiber is made from 100% virgin wood fiber, not used wood, which may contain things you don’t want in your playground (see Certificate of Purity below).

Certificate of Purity (2022)

Request a Quote Today!

Request a quote or, for FibarQuick, Call Connie Quadrini at 800-342-2721 for availability and pricing in your area.

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It’s no accident that over 75,000 playgrounds in the U.S. and Canada are surfaced with Fibar Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF). This wood fiber playground EWF is designed and tested to be a superior product with long-term, trouble-free performance. Fibar Engineered Wood Fiber and FibarSystems come with LEED documentation. To parks and schools, that means help in earning LEED certification for building projects. To contractors, it means help in writing green specifications to win green contracts.