Jul. 12, 2022 How FibarSystem 300 Saves Over 50% in Drainage Costs

How does the Patented FibarSystem 300® Surface save over 50% in drainage costs?

A traditional stone drainage base typically consists of two layers of geotextile fabric and 3” of clean, free draining stone. The FibarSystem 300 eliminates the need for excavation for the drainage layer, dirt removal, stone delivery and stone installation. As shown on the cost comparison below, customers can save over 50% on drainage costs by using the FibarSystem 300.

Playground Surfacing Cost Comparison: Stone Drainage Construction vs. Fibar System 300

(2,000 square feet example)

Fibar Save 50% in Drainage Cost Comparison

Benefits from installing Fibar System 300:

  • The Customer saves over 50% of the drainage cost
  • The Contractor can install a Fibar System 300 in nearly half the time
  • Extended warranty coverage


What is the FibarSystem 300®?

The FibarSystem 300 is a single-source, easy to install, playground surface system with drainage which is composed of three parts:

FibarDrain stripFibarDrain strips: placed every 6’ on center in the direction of the grade and run to the low end of the playground. The FibarDrain can then be connected to a PVC pipe to allow the water to exit the playground. FibarDrain strips are easy to roll out and simple to connect to one another.


Fibar Felt roll slightly unrolled

FibarFelt: You only need one layer of FibarFelt vs. two layers in a traditional drainage system. The FibarFelt layer helps to separate the Fibar Engineered Wood Fiber from the soil below.

Fibar engineered wood fibarFibar Engineered Wood Fiber: Fibar is a manufactured wood product of differing particle sizes, suitable for playground surfacing that passes the ASTM F2075 Engineered Wood Fiber Standard.


What are the benefits of using the FibarSystem 300®?

The FibarSystem 300 is easy to order since all the components can be purchased directly from Fibar or from your FibarSystem representative. It saves on installation costs, is easy to install, and comes with a 25- year Warranty. Best of all, it gets rid of excess rainwater so that kids can return to the playground sooner after a rainfall.

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