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Welcome to FibarSystem 300
America’s most popular playground surface

FibarSystem 300 is the preferred choice of schools, parks, architects, contractors, and landscapers—installed in over 12,000 playgrounds throughout the U.S. For 3 big reasons:

1. Gets rid of excess rainwater.

Just one inch of rainfall per hour drenches a typical 4,000 square-foot playground surface with 2,400 gallons of water. Which means one bad rainstorm could damage a sub-standard playground surface, requiring expensive repairs.

Flooded playground surface

What’s even worse, kids can’t play in a flooded playground. 
See solution below.

dry playground surface

Fortified with 2 kinds of drainage—FibarDrain and FibarFelt—a
FibarSystem 300 lets water pass right through, so kids have more time
to play. Below are all of the components of a FibarSystem 300.

FibarSystem 300 playground surface components

Cutaway of a FibarSystem 300 playground surface drainage system


2. Saves over 45% on installation costs.

For a typical 4,000-sq.ft. playground, you need to truck in 52 tons of
drainage gravel, 8,000 sq.ft. of geotextile fabric, and 60 feet of
perforated PVC pipes. See below for a better way.

See how the savings add up.


3. Provides a single-source solution.

Without FibarSystem 300
You have to find, deal with, and pay separate sources for all these components:
   1. Engineered Wood Fiber
   2. Geotextile soil-separation fabric
   3. Drainage gravel
   4. Perforated PVC pipe

With FibarSystem 300

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Simpler is better. FibarSystem 300 combines all the parts needed for an ideal playground surface. It’s soft enough to cushion falls. Firm enough for wheelchairs. And protected by built-in drainage and a 25-year Warranty.

Diabled children on a Fibar playground surface

ADA compliant, a FibarSystem 300 surface provides
access for physically challenged children.

Go Green. Go Fibar.

FibarSystem 300 comes with LEED documentation. To parks and schools, that means help in earning LEED certification for building projects. To contractors, it means help in writing green specifications to win green contracts.

FibarSystem 300: It all adds up to better protection for children and more peace of mind for playground designers, contractors, and owner-operators—at affordable cost. No wonder we’re the world’s leading playground surface provider, with over 50,000 installations worldwide. To talk with a playground surface expert about your needs, contact us today.


Get a price quote now! Contact the experts in Playground Safety Surfaces today!

Call us at 800.342.2721 or send us your request