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FibarSystems | Customer Comments

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!
When you have a great product, people let you know. Here are just a few of the hundreds of customer letters we have received:

“Rosalynn and I are grateful to Fibar Corporation for providing accessible ground cover for the playground in Plains...”

Former President Jimmy Carter
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“The optimum measure of
playground surface safety”

 “Congratulations! The Fibar System exceeds all of our stringent expectations. I’m convinced that this system gives us the optimum measure of playground surface safety.”

Bob Burnett, Highlands School, Edina, MN


“Our foremost concern was the safety factor. New Fibar soft surfaces now make for gentler landings as the CPD’s 5-year program renovates all 500 of its playgrounds in the city.”

Robert Megquier, Director of Engineering,
Planning & Designing, Chicago, IL
(quoted in the Chicago Tribune)


“The Fibar System is safer, with fewer worries about injuries. It’s clean, no more mud tracked into the building. It is easy to maintain, just an occasional raking.”

Moorhead Elementary School,
Indianapolis, IN


“We were looking for a safer, low-maintenance play surface for our church playground. We found that with Fibar.”

St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, Midland, TX

“Works perfectly for wheelchairs”

 “Looks wonderful. Wears well. Works perfectly for wheelchairs and learning walkers.”

Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Tucson, AZ


“It mats down and forms a surface that’s soft enough to fall on, but firm enough for a wheelchair to get across without sinking.”

H. S. Heyser, reporting in Neighbors,
North Highlands, CA





“...The delivery of the Fibar was flawless, and that I know in large part was due to you, your excellent organization and follow through...”

Sonia Blue,
Walking Shield American Indian Society
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“Moms with strollers can just zoom across [the Fibar surface], and it’s accessible to children in wheelchairs.”

Christine Russell,
Winner of United Cerebral Palsy’s
Accessible Design Award/playground
Colorado Springs, CO

“No mud! No puddles!”  

“We can finally go out and play right after it rains. No mud! No puddles! This is great.”

Transitional Learning Center, New Rochelle, NY


“It has been great for our clay soil. The students can an go out for recess after rain storms because there aren’t puddles.”
Ridgeview Elementary School, Sparta, MI


 “With Fibar, we can be out on the playground right after a rain. It’s a great product.”
Alliance High School Nursery School, Alliance, OH

“Easy to maintain”

“We have found Fibar easy to maintain. Generally, raking is all that is necessary.”

Council on the Environment of New York City, NY


“The safety of Fibar, combined with ease of maintenance and the natural beauty of the wood, made Fibar an easy choice.”

City of Attleboro, MA


“We have been very pleased with the overall performance of the Fibar System. It helps to reduce body impact with falls, it stays in place, and it doesn’t decompose.”

Candochly Valley Elementary School,
East Prospect, PA








Get a price quote now! Contact the experts in Playground Safety Surfaces today!

Call us at 800.342.2721 or send us your request